About Coubertin Speaks

While Coubertin Speaks is designed to emphasize a daily quote from the Baron’s writing, it is also meant to be a resource for anyone interested in learning more about the Baron’s life and times and his intent in launching the modern Olympic Movement. As you’ll note, you can access all the daily posts and the commentary through the calendar in the Quotes section. Under The Baron, you’ll find a brief biography of Pierre de Coubertin that will provide you with an overview of his achievements and the enduring power of his legacy. Click on The Writer, and you’ll find some info about me, George Hirthler, and my devotion to Coubertin, which I don’t consider an obsession, although some of my friends do, I’m sure. I’ve included a story about my Olympic journey so you can get a sense of the impact the Baron’s ideology has had on my life. The Journal provides a space for the occasional article or opinion piece on relevant historical or contemporary issues and news. And finally, The Book, offers a look at The Idealist, The Story of Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the 565-page work of historical fiction that I published in 2016. Of course, I hope you’ll buy a copy so I can continue to put food on the table while I’m working on these daily quotes.