Coubertin Quote for Apr, 14
The Olympic Games must be a glorious sight for those ambitious for laurels.

The Olympic Movement is the ultimate talent search.  With its incessant drive to spread sport to every corner of the globe, it creates an upward path for all those with the ability and talent to compete.  When it finds the truly gifted, it opens the doors to the Games, and those who have the ambition often rise to the occasion.  That’s why Baron Pierre de Coubertin insisted that the Games be open to one and all, that they operate like a meritocracy accessible to anyone with the talent and drive to compete at the highest levels of sport.  That’s the point he was making in the article, The Olympic Organization, with appeared in the Olympic Review in 1903.

“The Games cannot offend anyone. They must be an occasion for general emulation, a glorious sight for those ambitious for laurels.”