Coubertin Quote for Apr, 22
Today, as in former times, the Olympic Games respond to a natural and healthy inclination of humanity in all countries.

You wouldn’t know it in reading it, but this was a defensive statement.  At the Second Olympic Games in Paris in 1900, Baron Pierre de Coubertin sought to place the festival in the context of the rising tide of international sport—and the inherent desire for competition in all countries.  He was actually attempting to give the Games an identity they lacked in reality—because they were basically lost in the far greater festivities of the Paris World’s Fair.  The Games began in May and lasted until October.  Seventy-five events were spread across the city and the calendar and the truth is, although history records more than a thousand competitors took part, many didn’t know they were participating in the Olympics at the time.  The Baron later admitted that the organizational effort was a mess. But in an article published that June, ‘The Meeting of the Olympic Games Paris 1900,’ he sought to add a touch of historic prestige and international significance to their celebration.