Coubertin Quote for Apr, 25
Honor and selflessness will enable athletics to carry out its task of moral betterment and social peace, as well as physical development.

Today, corporate entities all over the world seek to establish themselves as ‘values-based’ organizations.  They often conduct research to establish a set of principles, print handouts and engage employees in brand training in order to internalize their operational tenets. To get a corporate family moving forward around a set of shared ideals is one of the most difficult things to achieve in business, and yet Baron Pierre de Coubertin did it almost singlehandedly a hundred years ago. Through the philosophy of Olympism, the ideology of friendship and peace through sport which he created, he set the worldwide Olympic Movement on a values-driven path that still resonates with idealistic power in every corner of the earth today.  In the hierarchy of values the Baron set forth, individual honor and selflessness ranked near the top because he knew they were essential to fostering social peace in a moral world.  As today’s quote indicates, he expressed this idea very clearly in “Neo-Olympism: Appeal to the People of Athens,” the text of a speech he had delivered to the Parnassus Literary Society which was reprinted Le Messager d’Athènes in 1894.