Coubertin Quote for Dec, 17
The task of celebrating the XIIth Olympic Games will be the greatest ever given to a country … to combine Hellenism, the most precious civilization of ancient Europe, with the refined culture and art of Asia.

This is the last message issued from the pen of Baron Pierre de Coubertin.  He wrote it on July 29, 1937, just thirty-four days before he died.  It was his contribution to a promotional brochure for the Tokyo 1940 Olympic Games, which, of course, were cancelled because of World War II.  Nevertheless, as he looked to a future he would never see, the Baron remained optimistic, believing that once Olympism reached Asia, it would help bring the world together in new ways. It was not to be.  His hopes for the Olympic marriage of two great civilizations were dashed almost immediately in the outbreak of the Second Sino-Japanese War, which began with a small conflict outside of Beijing and began to escalate just as the Baron composed this message.  The image is below is taken from “Olympism, Selected Writings of Pierre de Coubertin.”