Coubertin Quote for Feb, 02
Athletics can bring into play both the noblest and the basest passions; they can develop the qualities of unselfishness and honor just as much as the love of gain; they can be chivalrous or corrupt, virile or bestial; finally, they can be used to strengthen peace or to prepare for war.

Baron Pierre de Coubertin recognized that sport could be used as a tool for good or evil. From the beginning of his Olympic dream, he intended to ensure that all the nations of the world put sport to use for the right reasons—for the goal of creating the pinnacle of athletic competition and a platform for international amity. This quote is taken from Chapter 2 of his Olympic Memoirs, The Conquest of Greece, but it originally appeared in the second edition of the Olympic Bulletin in 1894, which sought to outline the intentions of the IOC in reviving the Olympic Games.