Coubertin Quote for Feb, 06
Olympism is the veneration of peaceful and confident youth.

In the aftermath of World War I, before the Antwerp 1920 Olympic Games brought the Olympic Movement fully back to life, Baron Pierre de Coubertin looked back on the first 25 years of modern Olympic history and proclaimed the Games as a celebration of youth. With an eye on the future, Coubertin wanted to ensure that the world saw all Olympians as ambassadors of peace. It was important to the Baron that everyone recognized that the Olympic Games were intended to venerate all of its young participants. This passage is from a speech given on June 23, 1919, titled the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Proclamation of the Olympic Games.

“Olympism is the veneration of peaceful and confident youth. Day by day, peacefulness and confidence became increasingly useful tools for the old civilization of yesteryear, given its occasional lack of strength.”