Coubertin Quote for Feb, 17
Every human being belongs to the great orchestra of mankind.

It isn't often that any of us get to experience the solidarity of humanity on a worldwide scale. It is truly rare to have a shared experience that binds together billions of people in a single moment. The Olympic Games serve that purpose. They connect us to each other. They unify us through the stories they tell--because all of us recognize some part of ourselves and our common human experience in those stories. Regardless of which athlete you're cheering for, which sport you follow, which country you're from, the Olympics give you a nearly indescribable link to the rest of the world. Pierre de Coubertin knew the Olympic Games had that ability to unite us, to give us in those fleeting moments of competition that inspiring feeling that we were part of something larger.

In his Olympic Memoirs, he called his life's work, The Unfinished Symphony. In a chapter by that name, he wrote of the solidarity of humanity--how we are all linked--and how so few of us ever get to enjoy a moment on the global stage. His tone was plaintive, but if he were around today, watching the world's finest winter athletes compete on the global stage, he would certainly be filled with joy. Because that is just what his great symphony is delivering to people all over this planet right now.

"Every human being belongs to the great orchestra of mankind. Most of us, it must be admitted, play a very minor role. Not everyone is able to fit in; some never succeed in finding their place. Very few are favored by fate to the extent of being allowed to compose pieces themselves. Rarer still are those who are privileged to hear (their own pieces) performed during their lifetime."

From The Unfinished Symphony, Olympic Memoirs, 1936