Coubertin Quote for Feb, 24
Olympism destroys the walls that divide. It calls for air and light for all.

Baron Pierre de Coubertin believed that the Olympic Movement possessed the rare power to unite humanity; that the essence of Olympism was to destroy the walls that separate us and bring us together to celebrate our common bonds and shared aspirations.

Although he wrote this quote 100 years ago, it's truth still echoes today at the highest levels of international sport. In fact, IOC President Thomas Bach built on this image in his first speech before the United Nations in 2014 when he said, "Sport is always about building bridges. Sport is never about erecting walls." As the Olympic Movement strives to unite our world in each edition of the Games, we draw ever closer to destroying the walls that divide us.

This quote appeared in Coubertin's Olympic Letter III: Olympism and Education in the Olympic Review in 1918.