Coubertin Quote for Jan, 14
Olympism is a way of life based on respect for human dignity.

Olympism is a word coined by Pierre de Coubertin to describe the philosophy of life he developed to provide an ideological foundation for the modern Olympic Movement. At the heart of Coubertin’s philosophy is a call to respect the dignity of every human being, to recognize the dignity of every human life. This quote is an interpretation of Coubertin’s thinking developed by the scholars of the International Olympic Academy. It closely reflects language found in the Olympic Charter, which sets forth the principles that guide the Olympic Movement today on a course designed to ensure fidelity to Coubertin’s ideals.

“Olympism is a way of life based on respect for human dignity and fundamental universal ethical principles, on the joy of effort and participation, on the educational role of good example, a way of life based on mutual understanding.”

From The Olympic Movement, a publication of the International Olympic Academy released in 2002.