Coubertin Quote for Jun, 17
It is clear that the telegraph, railways, the telephone, the passionate research in science, congresses and exhibitions have done more for peace than any treaty or diplomatic convention. Well, I hope that athletics will do even more.

Today, on Father’s Day, we as pay homage to the Father of the Modern Olympic Movement, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, by drawing a quote from his first proposal to resurrect the Olympic Games on November 11, 1892 in the Sorbonne in Paris.  His proposal failed that night, but the failure did not deter him. Like a great athlete, he wouldn’t quit. Nineteen months later, having gathered a group of international allies and local supporters, he succeeded in the same setting.  He fathered into existence the brilliant quadrennial celebration of humanity that still unites the nations of our planet in friendship and peace through sport.  His original drive toward Olympic peace was clear in this quote, which he contextualized in a summary of the innovations in internationalism already at work in the world.