Coubertin Quote for Jun, 23
The Olympic Games may be a potent, if indirect, factor in securing universal peace.

Today is Olympic Day. All over the world, National Olympic Committees and their supporters will celebrate the birth of the modern Olympic Movement by organizing grass roots events, fun runs, competitions, brief ceremonies.  In the U.S. alone, there will be approximately 2000 events in communities across the county. Few of those participating will know the details of Baron Pierre de Coubertin’s proposal to resurrect the modern Olympic Games in the Sorbonne in Paris on June 23, 1894, but most will know the extent of the legacy his idea ultimately produced—because that’s what they are celebrating.  In honor of this day, we have selected a quote that echoes the Baron’s ultimate goal of uniting the world in friendship and peace through the Games.  This is from his article “The Olympic Games of 1896,” which appeared in The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine that year.

“One may be filled with desire to see the colors of one's club or college triumph in a national meeting, but how much stronger is the feeling when the colors of one's country are at stake! I am well assured that the winners in the Stadium at Athens wished for no other recompense when they heard the people cheer the flag of their country in honor of their achievement ... (The Olympic Games) may be a potent, if indirect, factor in securing universal peace.”

Courtesy Creative Commons